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An Overview of Mental Health in Allen, Texas

Allen, Texas lies about 45 minutes north of Dallas, one of the state’s most populous cities. In 2018, Allen’s population swelled to 104,636 people. Despite this positive growth, however, some of the residents of Allen are struggling with a variety of mental issues that include anxiety, depression, a desire to self-harm, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and addictive behaviors that are negatively impacting their quality of life. To fully understand why these issues are present in the city, it is important to first understand the nature of these illnesses and how environmental, socioeconomic and financial factors can impact their severity.

Social Factors for Mental Health in Allen, Texas

The population percentage between men and women in Allen is almost even, with 49 percent female and 51 percent male. However, because women are 12 percent more likely to suffer from mental health issues than men overall, there is a greater chance that the number of individuals struggling with these issues are female. Factors for mental health problems among women can strike at almost any age and include:

  • Post-partum depression
  • Menopause
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Childhood sexual assault/molestation

Some woman may also try to conceal mental health problems because of feelings of shame or social stigma, which can eventually increase suicide risk.

One other social factor that might be impacting mental illness in Allen is the crime rate. While Allen is safer than other cities in the nation overall, there were 1,223 violent and property crimes committed in 2017, including 25 rapes. Because incidents like this are likely to be traumatic for those who endure it, they may develop mental health problems that include post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression.

Financial Mental Health Triggers in Allen, Texas

The residents of Allen enjoy a low poverty rate of 3.1 percent when compared to the United States national rate of 11.8 percent. The Allen School District, credit reporting company Experian and Frontier Communications all provide a variety of jobs in the city. However, despite the low unemployment rate, stress factors from these jobs can be considerable, especially in the educational sector. Many teachers feel pressure from parents and the school district when it comes to ensuring a large percentage of kids pass state tests, and this can lead to long work hours, fatigue and the development of depression or anxiety.

Allen’s median household income has been in decline over the past several years, and 5.1 percent lives in poverty. While this is a low percentage when compared to the national rate of 12.3 percent, those who live in poverty likely face a number of challenges when it comes to treating mental health problems. For example, low income usually means a lack of proper health care and access to medical insurance that helps cover the cost of treatment.

Challenges of Finding Mental Health Care in Allen, Texas

While there have been strides in mental health care for the residents of Allen, such as the women’s behavioral health center that opened in 2016, some may still have trouble finding the help they need. One problem is a lack of insurance for many people in the Dallas metropolitan area, as 33 percent are currently uninsured.

Since some access to mental health treatment requires pre-authorization from a primary physician, many residents likely cannot afford it. Others who live below or near the poverty line might not own a car because of the cost and live too far away from public transportation to reach a facility that can help them.

Mental Health Resources in Allen, Texas

Allen residents do have a few choices for getting mental health care in the city. Several different facilities offer a variety of services and they include:

  • Raintree Healthcare: This is a multi-purpose treatment center that includes family practitioners, pediatricians and mental health professionals. They see patients by appointment only and accept most types of insurance.
  • The Sojourn Center: This facility specializes in mental health treatment for adults. They have both inpatient and outpatient programs for a variety of illnesses.
  • Community Counseling Associates: This service is for residents of Allen, Plano and McKinney, Texas. Many of the in-program counseling services accept insurance or sliding-scale payments for those without insurance and treat depression, anxiety, grief and other mental health concerns.

Finding the right therapist can be a challenge. However, you can connect with one through, which includes a mental health directory that helps match you with suitable services in your area. Help is available today, so start your journey to mental wellness by taking that all-important first step.