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Sierra Madre, California

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Rubina is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Registered Play Therapist. She has a private practice at Sync Counseling Center in Sierra Madre. She received her Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Clinical...
Lisa Larsen
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Lisa S. Larsen, PsyD is a licensed psychologist in Lancaster, California. She is in private practice providing psychotherapy and clinical hypnosis for children, adolescents and adults. Prior to working in private practice, she worked at Walden House...
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Rancho, California

I believe that for both adults and children alike, unless one truly understands what triggers them or pushes their buttons, the issues will continue to resurface and manifest in various, often disturbing ways, which may include continued behavioral...
Sharie Stines
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La Habra, California

Is it time to reclaim your life? I would love to help you on your journey of personal recovery.. Do you struggle with hurts caused by interpersonal emotional abuse, including narcissistic abuse, domestic violence, addictions, and other traumatizing...
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Hi, I'm Natalie. I empower ambitious, creative millennials who are ready to walk through fear and transform limiting patterns to create the life, career and relationships of their dreams. Utilizing the best of Western psychology and Eastern...
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Dr. Nightingale has been helping adults, couples, teens & children overcome anxiety & depression for over 30 yrs. Listen to her approach at: Amazon carries her self-help books for parents, couples & children. She's...
Holly Freeling
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Pasadena, California

Holly is a versatile, flexible, and forward-thinking psychotherapist who has worked with a wide variety of people. Her optimism and curiosity attracts many clients to her private practice in Pasadena, California. Holly believes that part of the gift...
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I am a marriage and family therapist from Southern California with 10 years of experience working in private practice. Throughout my career, I've worked in different settings with many populations, including providing treatment to clients with...
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Life can be full of challenges and I'm here to walk alongside you and remind you that you can make it through the things that life throws at you. Your decision to seek help is an indicator of your strength and courage, and I want to help you to...
Catherine Ferrari
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Corona, California

I specialize in individual, couples, family, and child therapy. I manage a private practice in Corona, California. I am able to help with a variety of issues that include trauma resolution, cancer support, parenting concerns, ADHD, behavioral...
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California, Florida

Do you want a deeper sense of connection or a greater sense of purpose in life? You may be dealing with stress, fear, marriage issues, dating difficulties, confusion, life transitions, low self worth, career direction, or something else impacting...
Ron Hall
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San Dimas, California

Want a very experienced Christian Therapist that has been in the field for 20 plus years? And one that is also a Trauma Treatment Specialist, Pastor, and a Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor? I am here to serve you in whatever way I...

An Overview of Mental Health in Apple Valley, California

Apple Valley sounds like a place out of a fairy tale or, more precisely, out of Candyland. However, as residents and visitors very well know, the name is deceiving. Instead of the groves of apple trees and lush green lawns that you might expect from a placed dubbed Apple Valley, the valley is characterized by dirt and tumbleweeds. Its dreary landscape is just the tip of the iceberg.

Apple Valley rates terribly in terms of cost of living, crime, education, employment and housing, earning Ds and Fs in all five categories. The only two areas in which it ranked well were amenities and weather. Amenities have little impact on one’s mental health, while the other six categories have a profound impact on mental wellbeing.

Apple Valley’s Economy

Apple Valley’s economy, like its landscape, is far from ideal. The area has a population of 71,455 individuals, the majority of which are aged 36.3 years. The number of employees in the valley is less than half that, at 24,449. This means that either many of the residents are without jobs or they must commute to get to work. The average household income is $47,433, a number that is significantly lower than California’s median household income of $63,783 and slightly lower than the nation’s median household income of $55,322. Apple Valley has the lowest median household income of all surrounding areas.

Considering the cost of living in California and the median household income in the valley, it is no surprise that 19.8 percent of the city’s residents live in poverty. Apple Valley’s overall score for cost of living is an astounding 114. To rent anything larger than a one-bedroom apartment, residents can expect to pay between $1,000 and $2,000. Assuming that the average resident brings home approximately $23,000, rent alone can amount to half to more than all of a person’s income. Then there are utilities, transportation, food, healthcare and other costs of living to consider.

Factors That May Contribute to Poor Mental Health

Apple Valley’s data indicates that there are a number of factors that may contribute to mental illness. Poverty in and of itself is a major contributing factor of mental illness. In many cases, poverty is the result of mental illness, but it is not unheard of for poverty to cause it. For instance, those living in poverty are more inclined to turn to crime, which can perpetuate fear and anxiety. They are also likely to indulge in dangerous vices such as excessive drinking, smoking and drug use. Reliance on substances can cause depression, anxiety and overall poor general health.

Additionally, individuals who live in poverty are less likely to take education seriously or to look after their health. They are less likely to exercise, which can mean increased rates of obesity, depression and other health concerns. Poverty and mental health create a vicious cycle, one that many individuals find it very difficult from which to escape.

In addition to poverty, Apple Valley has other factors working against it. Some factors are as follows:

  • Obesity: San Bernardino’s obesity rates are far higher than most other counties in the state, at 27.3 percent. Obesity can lead to low self-esteem, social isolation and depression.
  • HIV Diagnoses: Though the number of HIV diagnoses per 100,000 individuals is lower than several other California counties at 208.4, it is higher than many other counties across the nation. An HIV diagnosis can result in fear, anxiety, depression and even thoughts of suicide.
  • Chlamydia Diagnoses: San Bernardino healthcare centers reported 514.9 chlamydia diagnoses in 2014. A chlamydia or other STD diagnosis can lead to embarrassment, fear, anxiety and depression.
  • Violent Crime: The violent crime rates in Apple Valley are high, as its D grade indicates. AreaVibes reported that there were 5.5 murders per 100,000 individuals, which is higher than the nation or California’s rates. Crime causes fear and anxiety and perpetuates poverty.

Where Desert Residents Can Turn to For Help

San Bernardino County ranked 42 out of 57 California counties in terms of overall mental wellness. This is in large part due to the lack of programs in the area that target behavioral changes. Though the county does recognize that it needs to change many things in order to see a boost in rankings, individuals who live with behavioral disorders need help now. Fortunately, E-Counseling’s directory is available now. If you or a loved one lives with a mental condition, search for a therapist near you via E-Counseling’s directory. It’s quick, discreet, convenient and available when you need help the most.