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An Overview of Mental Health in Carson, California

Located in Los Angeles County, Carson is home to a culturally diverse group of 92,735 residents. The city enjoys gorgeous weather throughout the year, ranking second in the nation for summer’s most comfortable cities. From professional sporting events at the local StubHub Center to some of the best beaches within a short drive, there is always something exciting to do in Carson, California.

Regardless of the beautiful weather and boundless activities, inhabitants of Carson are not immune from mental health struggles. Independent of location, tens of millions of Americans suffer from some form of mental illness. In the state of California 15.4% of adults experience psychological disorders with 4.2% of those considered serious. In addition, 7.6% of children in California are diagnosed as having a serious emotional disturbance.

Carson’s High Cost of Living

Living in Carson, California is not cheap. The national cost of living index is set at 100, while Carson’s falls at an index of 169.6. This indicates that it is significantly more expensive than the average US city. Two contributing factors include the price of housing and transportation, which includes commuting, gasoline and insurance. The median home cost in Carson is $528,400 compared to the national average of $216,200.

Even though the median household income of $71,420 is higher than the national median of $53,482, the cost of living compiled with high taxes can cause financial strain. Money issues are a common root of personal stress and may impact quality of relationships when there is conflict about monetary matters within the family.

Household Composition in Carson

The majority of people that live in Carson do so within a family unit. Out of the 24,729 homes, 19,856 are considered family households. The divorce rate is about 8.5% compared to California’s overall rate of 6.9%. However, in addition to divorce, another 6.19% of residents are widowed and 2.37% are separated. Single family households comprise 16.34% of the overall family households.

Depending on family structure, different challenges emerge. Married and separated couples benefit from marriage counseling to strengthen their relationship and avoid becoming another notch in the divorce statistic. Widowed residents suffer from feelings of grief and loss that can at times feel overwhelming. Whether a relationship is lost through divorce or death, therapeutic support can help the grieving process and facilitate healing.

In addition to families, 16.21% of Carson is comprised of single people with no children. A percentage of this population is the student body of California State University, Dominguez Hills located within Carson’s city limits. College students have different emotional needs due to both age and stage of life. Mental health intervention is crucial for young adults struggling with anxiety, depression or suicidal thoughts.

Mental Health Resources in California

Compared to other states, California falls right in the middle of the pack in terms of overall mental illness prevalence and access to care. Within Los Angeles County there are a good number of mental health specialists available, second only to the Greater Bay Area in terms of support personnel per capita in the state. Per 100,000 people, there are 56 licensed clinical social workers, 80 marriage and family therapists, 46 psychologists, and 15 psychiatrists.

Unfortunately despite the many resources, not all adults seek or receive needed counseling services. In California, 63% of adults with mental illness do not obtain therapeutic intervention. This may be due to the cost associated with care or lack of information on how to find appropriate services.

Therapists in Carson, California

From serious, lifelong mental illness to short-term difficulties coping with life’s stressors, Carson has a variety of professionals to support your therapeutic needs. When looking for the right therapist for yourself or a loved one, do your research. Psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers are all licensed and can provide individual, couples or group therapy. Psychiatrists are also medical doctors and can prescribe medication.