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Overview of Mental Health Resources Concord, California

The charming city of Concord, California is the largest of its county. As per a 2019 estimate from the U.S. Census Bureau, roughly 130,000 people live in Concord. That number is steadily increasing each year because of how attractive the area is. On top of the gorgeous views the city’s dwellings and other buildings have to offer, Concord has plenty of amenities available for residents. Around just about every corner is a popular place to shop, catch some entertainment, and grab a bite to eat. Also, if you are the type of person who enjoys taking walks as opposed to driving, you are in luck. The downtown neighborhoods are fantastic as a good deal of interesting places to go are within walking distance.

Studies suggest the primary motivating factor behind a family’s decision to move has to do with a job opportunity, which holds true for most American cities these days. That being said, not everyone in the market for a job is able to land one. Plenty of people go jobless every year, despite their willingness to participate in the workforce. Concord, California has an exceptionally high rate of unemployment, coming in at roughly 15 percent above the national average. Unemployment tends to breed poverty. Experts are saying that relatively unhealthy aspects of Concord’s economy are contributing to an overarching complex problem: the city is currently going through a “mental health crisis.” Let’s break down what the mental health situation in Concord looks like, how it got to be so poor, and what you can do to reach out to a therapist that can help if you are in need.

Mental health is becoming a bigger concern for American lawmakers swiftly as time goes on. High rates of mental illness are not being contained to just the city of Concord. All of the data suggests it is a nationwide problem. A recent report from Johns Hopkins estimates that 26 percent of Americans, or one in four, suffer from a diagnosable mental health condition. In regard to the state of California, specifically, the prevalence of mental illness is quite high. According to a study commissioned by Mental Health America, California is amongst the top 50 percent of states with regards to how widespread mental illness is. For context as well as future reference, the term mental illness refers to any psychiatric/behavioral disorder affecting one’s day to day life, ranging in severity. These disorders can include anything from clinical depression and anxiety to schizophrenia and dementia. So, why is mental illness so common for residents of Concord, in particular?

First of all, the city of Concord’s economy is not ideal. Plenty of people are experiencing the effects of having low to no income in a high cost of living environment. As mentioned before, the area has an unemployment rate of 15 points greater than the rest of the nation. Certainly, one of the symptoms of having a high number of people out of work is additional poverty. Regrettably, Concord no exception. While most people in Concord are comparatively well-off, financially speaking, a good chunk of the population is struggling to make ends meet. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, adults that are living below the federal poverty level are more than two times as likely to be dealing with a diagnosable mental health condition. In addition to poverty increasing the chance of the presence of mental illness, it also may exaggerate the experience by making it more difficult to receive access to proper care.

Another problem impacting the overall mental health of Concord’s citizenry is the high rate of divorce in the region. California as a whole already tops the list of states in terms of how often couples separate. Concord is the same story when compared to similarly situated cities. 11 percent of the population is divorced which is a few points higher than most neighboring cities. The link between mental illness and divorce is not a secret. All parties involved in the relationship, including children, are at an increased risk of being diagnosed with a mental illness after divorce. If you feel as though your relationship may be in jeopardy, it is best to seek out the advice of a therapist before making any permanent decisions.

The Trouble of Finding a Suitable Therapist in Concord, California

Finding a well-equipped therapist in America has become an increasingly challenging problem, in large part because of the nationwide shortage of mental health professionals providing patients with treatment. Officials also name poorly crafted policy, poverty, and stigma as being barriers to mental health care. According to a report from the National Institute of Mental Health, a majority of Americans suffering from a mental illness do not receive any care, regardless of the necessity to do so.

The rate of persons without any form of health insurance in Concord is significantly higher than the national average, coming in at around 13 percent, as per the U.S. Census Bureau. The vast swaths of people lacking health insurance are also likely to be on the lower end of the income ladder; this means that the out-of-pocket expense of a therapist is not always an economically feasible option.

Mental Health Resources in Concord, California

Thankfully, there is a good number of organizations with their doors open to those in need of mental health care. Attention from both local and federal government entities is causing more to open by the day. Central County Adult Mental Health Services is a well-known mental health clinic that’s been servicing the community for years. Moreover, the John Muir Behavioral Health Center also provides a bevy of services tailored for those who require mental health treatment.’s therapist directory was created to help those in need of mental health assistance via counseling find trusted professionals in your area. Settle for the best experience by using our directory to find a therapist fit just for you.