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An Overview of Mental Health in Davis, California

Fifteen miles west of Sacramento, Davis, California, is home to 68,986 residents year-round. In addition, the local University of California Davis (UC Davis) campus houses thousands of students in apartments and residence halls. Education is highly valued in the town of Davis, with 96.6 percent of inhabitants having obtained a high school degree or more and 73.7 percent with at least a bachelor’s degree. These ratios are significantly higher than the average US population, falling at 87.3 and 30.9 percent respectively.

This Yolo County city caters to those who value environmentally sound practices. Approximately 45 percent of the off-campus student body commutes to UC Davis on bicycles. Locals and students alike benefit from bicycle trails and the nearby United States Bicycling Hall of Fame. There are also plentiful amenities such as farmer’s markets, outdoor cafes as well as opportunities to enjoy music, art and theater.

Outdoor exercise, sunshine and healthy eating are all beneficial to a person’s mental health. However, given that an estimated 44.7 million Americans suffer from some form of mental illness, the citizens of Davis, California, likely feel the impact. Emotional well-being may be negatively impacted by money issues related to cost of living and housing prices. Fortunately, there are nearby therapeutic resources available for those seeking help.

California’s Mental Health Statistics

Overall, the state of California has a lower prevalence rate of mental illness compared to the national average. For adults, the 17.15 percent occurrence is slightly less than the US rate of 18.07 percent. Adolescents, at 12.93 percent, fared closer to the national incidence of 12.63 percent. Unfortunately, the rates of substance abuse were marginally higher in California than across the nation for both adults (8.80 versus 7.93 percent) and teens (5.07 compared to 4.61 percent). Counseling support for addiction is integral in helping people ready to help themselves.

Economy and Cost of Living in Davis

The population of Davis is highly educated and financially better off than other areas of the country. The median household income of $57,454 is higher than the US median of $53,482. The unemployment rate of 4.5 percent is also lower than the national rate of 5.2 percent. Even though these are positive indicators, there are negatives as well. The cost of living index of 153 is 53 percent higher than the national average and 11 percent higher than the state average. Specifically, the median house price of $565,700 is an astounding 206 percent higher than the US median of $184,700. When money is tight due to high mortgage payments, it can be a source of anxiety.

Anxiety may turn into depression for those in more significant financial hardships. The United States Census Bureau reports that 29.1 percent of Davis residents are living at or below the poverty level, compared to the US average of 12.3 percent. When struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table, it can feel hopeless. Feelings of helplessness may bleed into other aspects of life, such as family relationships and self-esteem. Therapy helps create a road map for change. This could involve marriage counseling or individual support focused on career development and connection to resources.

The Challenge of Finding a Therapist in Davis, California

In the United States, 56.4 percent of people with mental health needs do not receive treatment. California falls 48 out of 51 in terms of access to psychological care, with 62.3 percent of people not seeking services. Oftentimes, both internal and external barriers get in the way. Lack of insurance and financial resources are common outside forces that prevent people from looking into therapeutic intervention. Internally, the prospect of searching for the right professional may seem overwhelming or embarrassing.

In Yolo County, there are approximately 329 professionals in mental health services per every 100,000 people. Within Davis and the surrounding area, there are a multitude of counseling supports available. Some areas of expertise include marriage and family, depression and anxiety, coping with life changes and addictions. For those with limited financial means, there are therapists with experience in low-cost community counseling available.

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