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An Overview of Mental Health in Lynwood, California

Twenty minutes south of Los Angeles you’ll find a relatively quiet suburb called Lynwood. The town’s residents are known for being friendly and many in the community feel connected to their neighbors. It has a vibrant Latino population, lots of parks and shopping centers and easy freeway access. Housing is a little more affordable than other parts of California, but it’s still expensive compared to other parts of the US. In recent years, public school education has been improving.

Across California, mental health is recognized as one of the main chronic illnesses Californians have to face. In Lynwood, residents may also face health challenges from the following situations.

  • Crime: The rates for violent crime are higher in Lynwood than in California or the US overall. While some residents report it’s only a problem after dark, crime of any sort and at any time can result in fear, anxiety and other forms of psychological distress.
  • Challenges Non-natives Face: 3% of residents in Lynwood were born abroad and 84.4% speak a language other than English at home. This diversity is wonderful, but it can be difficult to adjust to a new country, culture and language.
  • Poverty: An estimated 22.7% of Lynwood residents live in poverty. The effects of poverty on mental and physical health are complex.
  • Lower Education Levels: Only 54.2% of adults in Lynwood have graduated from high school. This rate is much lower than the rate of graduates across California and the US. Lack of education can lead to multiple challenges including fewer employment opportunities which can perpetuate the cycle of poverty.
  • Wildfires: Many parts of California have been damaged by wildfires in recent months and years. LA County is no exception. Natural disasters can have mental health effects in addition to physical health and property damages.
  • Obesity: 32% of adults in Lynwood are considered obese. Individuals who are significantly overweight can face both physical and mental health challenges.

The Challenge of Finding a Suitable Therapist in Lynwood

Residents in California are at high risk of not getting the mental health support they need due to a state-wide shortage of psychiatrists. In Lynwood, the large percentage of the population living in poverty and the 21.7% without health insurance are likely to face financial barriers to receiving care.

Non-profits and community centers may provide no- or low-cost services to people who qualify. Free support groups and crisis help lines can be great resources to those who can’t access traditional mental health care. Some newer forms of therapy such as online text and video support may be available at a lower fee as well.

The large non-English speaking population in Lynwood may also find it difficult to access care in their native language. The majority of the city’s residents speaks Spanish. Even if they speak English as a second language, therapy is often most effective when sessions are held in a patient’s first language. Increasingly, hospitals and other health care providers are recognizing the need to provide services in languages other than English.

Mental Health Resources in Lynwood

Despite these challenges, there are resources available to Lynwood residents. If you or a loved one need help, there’s a range of male and female licensed marriage and family therapists, licensed clinical social workers and licensed clinical psychologists ready to offer support.

These therapists have experience working with clients on many of life’s challenges including stress, grief, trauma, anxiety, career difficulties, anger management and relationship issues. They can also assist individuals dealing with mental illnesses such as depression, addiction, bipolar disorder, etc. Some counselors specialize in helping those dealing with chronic illnesses or serving as caregivers as well.

They have worked in multiple settings including group homes, community counseling centers, drug and alcohol treatment centers, schools, hospitals, out-patient treatment centers and private practice. Their treatment styles draw from cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based practices, acceptance and commitment therapy and more. Your counselor will work with you to design a care plan that fits your unique situation and needs.

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