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Overview of Mental Health resources in Palmdale, California

In the center of northern Los Angeles County, Palmdale is on the other side of the San Gabriel Mountains and located in the High Desert. The city, whose motto is a “Place To Call Home”,  has grown rapidly for the past 25 years and ranked as one of the top 25 fastest growing cities in the United States with a population of over 157,000 people. Visitors and residents enjoy the Palmdale Amphitheater and Blackbird Airpark. Movie fans would recognize the area for being the backdrop to Hollywood productions such as Mac and Me and Star Trek Generations due to access to the desert.

Palmdale is considered a leader in the aerospace industry as the city’s economy is focused on aerospace engineering. Companies like Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Boeing among others have facilities in the city and recruitment for highly-skilled engineers and workers is prominent. Growth within this industry has helped reduce the high level of unemployment (11.8%) which burdens city residents.

Due to unemployment issues, the city has faced recent problems of increased crime with the county reporting the crime rates that saw a rise of 5% (including a 4% increase in property crimes and 8% rise in violent crime) during the last few years even though the state of California saw a decrease in crime overall.

Along with the ever-growing crime rate, the city has seen an increase in the poverty rate as 20.6% of its population lacks resources and healthcare, driving disparities within the area. Unemployment impacts the overall well-being and health as Palmdale residents that are faced with not having enough money to cover basic needs. This stress includes the middle class as recent reports indicated that there is a shortage of affordable housing in the area. The crisis has reached a point that those in the middle class are forced into homelessness due to lack of a place to live. Without a home, this crisis affects other aspects such as jobs, health, and education.

Stress contributes to a toxic environment and whether it is you or someone you know that suffer from anxiety or personality disorders, understand that you are not alone. Research indicates that one-third of adult health issues nationwide are due to mental health.  The first step in finding personal peace is recognizing that you need help. It is a concern to take seriously when you notice symptoms and ongoing signs that prohibit your ability to function within society, causes frequent stress and does not allow you to enjoy life. We are here to help as our directory of Palmdale medical professionals can uncover your strengths and utilize your inner skill set to solve your problems. Take a moment to determine the symptoms that affect your well-being as it will help you narrow down which therapist can help you properly. You will need to review potential therapist’s profiles and blogs to ensure that their specialties can meet your needs. When researching your potential therapist, consider the following questions:

•    Why am I seeking help?
•    What are my goals in therapy?
•    Am I more comfortable with a man or a woman?
•    Are there any personal aspects I’m not willing to discuss?
•    Do I want to be able to lead the discussion, or have it led?
•    How long do I plan to attend therapy?
•    Does my problem need extra specialization?

Engaging in effective treatments from one of our licensed therapists will help you on the path to living a successful and productive life. Many mental health issues can affect you, how you think and feel on a daily basis. Decide how often you need to visit your therapist and make sure that their office is located near where you work or live. Typically, offices are only open during the work day so if you appointments needs are outside that timeframe; add that to your list of interview questions. These sessions will help you build a relationship so take time to set-up a phone interview with them. It is important that you feel a connection with your potential therapist, learn their style and if they seem engaged in the conversation.

It takes courage to receive help so your journey to happiness may take a few months to a year as each mental health issue is complex and took time to develop. The effort used to connect with a therapist is an investment back into you. Therapy for you can be helpful in finding a way to cope with anxiety or stress, improve your relationships with others, enhance your family dynamics or overall strengthening your well-being. Our Palmdale therapist directory can provide a diverse set of strategies to help address the mental health needs in your life so you can make positive changes to reach your goals.