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Mental Health Information and Resources in Pasadena, Texas

Pasadena, Texas is part of the growing and thriving Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metro. Pasadena is located in Harris County, and it’s a working-class suburb for the most part. The petroleum and gas sectors play a significant role in the economy of Pasadena, and it’s located near to the Houston Ship Channel. There is also a focus on solar panel manufacturing, aerospace, and healthcare.

Pasadena is located near NASA and the Pasadena Refining System. The Bayport Industrial District is also near Pasadena, and it’s one of the largest chemical processing complexes in the country. It’s also a key employer for residents of Pasadena, TX. Interestingly, Pasadena was the setting for the film Urban Cowboy starring John Travolta, and the city is home to the Strawberry Festival with tens of thousands of attendees.

Mental Health Statistics and Concerns in Pasadena

While there is a lot of economic growth and opportunity in Pasadena and nearby Houston and The Woodlands, of course as with any place, there are problems that people face as well.

Economic stress is one issue that can have a ripple effect on individuals and families. The poverty rate in Pasadena is 19.6 percent. The income inequality rate in Pasadena is higher than the national average, and the median annual income of households in the city is less than the median annual income in the U.S. as a whole.

According to research from Houston’s The Menninger Clinic, there are an estimated seven million adults in Texas with mental illness and one million adults in the state who have serious mental illness. In Harris County, there are 1.1 million adults with mental illness, and 150,000 classified as having serious mental illness. The same research indicated that in Texas 8.45 percent of youths surveyed had at least one major depressive episode.

Only around 36 percent of adults with mental illness in Texas received treatment according to The State of Mental Health in America Report. More than 19 percent of surveyed adults with mental illness in Texas said they had unmet needs in terms of treatment and care.

Based on research from the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute, 76 percent of people in Texas say they have a friend or family member who has experienced a mental health issue. 9 in 10 surveyed Texans said they felt it’s harder to talk about a mental health condition than a physical health condition.

Among Harris County residents, there is an especially high prevalence of mood disorders including major depression, as well as anxiety disorders and alcohol and drug dependence.  Along with opioids such as prescription painkillers, Harris County authorities say that cocaine is one of the deadliest drugs in the area. Cocaine-related deaths went up more than 70 percent in Harris County since 2014.

Pasadena Mental Health Services

Mental health services are available in Pasadena, for people who need them. For example, there are an estimated 98 mental health professionals for every 100,000 people. There are nonprofit organizations as well. For example, there is the Mental Health America of Greater Houston. This organization works to make mental health care accessible to everyone. They focus on education and advocacy throughout the Greater Houston area.

Public mental health agencies include the Harris County Psychiatric Center, operated by The University of Texas-Houston Health Science Center and the Ben Taub General Hospital. There is also the Harris Center which provides outpatient services and 24-hour crisis care.

Pasadena, Texas Therapist Directory

The weight of untreated mental health concerns or family-related concerns can be staggering and difficult to deal with. Along with that difficulty comes the challenge of finding a qualified mental health care provider who will meet your needs. To relieve some of that burden, we created a Pasadena therapist and mental health care provider directory. The above directory features quality care providers in different areas of specialty.