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Overview of Mental Health Resources Santa Clarita, California

While there are many California cities throughout this sunny state, there are very few cities that are as popular as Santa Clarita. This city is part of Los Angeles County, and the third largest community in this region. Located just north of downtown Los Angeles, Santa Clarita comprises most of the popular Santa Clarita Valley. This city has seen tremendous population growth over the past few decades, and frequently tops national lists of The Best Places to Live in the United States.

While there are many reasons why so many people choose to call Santa Clarita home, those who call this city home are no strangers to certain challenges. One of the many being high divorce rates. Much like the rest of the state of California, Santa Clarita experiences higher divorce rates than the rest of the country—an issue that is known to come with a number of challenges, including depression, mental health concerns and the need for professional counseling.

In fact, a majority of couples in Santa Clarita attend some type of marriage counseling, and around 98 percent of these individuals find that counseling is helpful—even though around 40 percent of couples still ultimately decide to get divorced. This is an important statistic to note, as counseling and therapy is not just a tool that can help prevent divorce, but something that can help both couples and individuals before, during and after their divorce proceedings. It is also an important tool for couples who may not want to stay married, but who want to be effective co-parents.

Unfortunately, even though divorce is exceedingly common both in Santa Clarita and around the country, it is no less traumatic for the individuals who go through it. Divorce can have a serious impact on an individual’s mental well-being. Sadness, anxiety, extreme irritation, mood swings, feelings of helplessness and extreme worry and stress are all side effects of divorce. Many times, this extreme stress can also cause physical side effects and impact the organs and systems in the body.

This is why it is so important for any person going through the trauma of divorce to seek professional counseling when they are experiencing these side effects.

People who have gone through divorce are also more likely to deal with depression. This is true whether the depression is onset from the divorce, or a clinical, ongoing issue that is exacerbated by the stress of the divorce, depression is very serious and very common—particularly in places like Santa Clarita where divorce tends to happen more often than not.

Depression can not only make even the simplest of daily activities seems nearly impossible to complete, but when left untreated, depression can lead to drug abuse, insomnia and even suicide. This is why treating depression is so important, and why getting help from a professional therapist is paramount. When left untreated, depression can be life-threatening.

This is where our online directory of therapists come in. Our comprehensive directory can help you find a Santa Clarita area therapist that can help you, no matter what mental healthy concerns you may be facing. You can browse through our directory, or filter through options based on location, specialty or gender.

As you start to look for a therapist, make sure to ask yourself a few of the following questions, to make certain you end up with the right professional for you. It is also important to remember that many people have to try a few different therapists before they find one that works, so you should never get discouraged during your search.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  • Do I think I need a specialist?
  • Am I more comfortable with a female or male therapist?
  • Will this therapist take my insurance?
  • Is distance important? Is this therapist in a good location for me?
  • Am I looking for someone who can prescribe me medication?
  • Do I want a “cure” or am I looking for ongoing support to help guide me through life?

These are all important questions to ask yourself so that you can find the best possible Santa Clarita area therapist for you. Remember, everyone deserves to get help with their mental health concerns, no matte what these concerns may be. Whether you are dealing with something as serious as depression, are struggling with your marriage or a recent divorce, or if you are looking for something like addiction treatment—therapy can get you the help you need and deserve.