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An Overview of Mental Health in South San Francisco, California

Located on a peninsula between the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay, the 67,429 residents of South San Francisco, California, have access to an affluent lifestyle, gorgeous weather and countless amenities. Local museums, restaurants, wineries, cruises and aquariums are just the tip of the iceberg in entertainment. Culturally diverse, the city is home to nearly equal measures of Hispanic (33.9 percent), Asian (37.9 percent) and Caucasian (20.2 percent) residents.

By most measures, the San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most unique and extraordinary places to live in the United States. However, mental illness exists independent of zip code. About 18.3 percent of all adults in the nation suffer from some form of mental health issue. In California, the rate of 17.15 percent amounts to 5,072,000 people. External forces can exacerbate psychological difficulties, such as climate, city crowding and financial difficulties. Regardless of the reason, counseling support services are available for those courageous enough to seek help.

Climate in South San Francisco, California

There are many aspects of the climate in South San Francisco that promote positive emotional well-being. There are 259 sunny days per year, compared to the US average of 205. Sperling’s Comfort Index, an indicator of comfortable year-round temperatures, is 86 out of 100, which is significantly better than the national index of 54. However, the pollution index is 90 percent worse than across the nation. Pollution potentially isolates those sensitive to changes in air quality, such as the elderly or those with respiratory conditions. When isolation leads to loneliness, counseling support can help.

The state of California has historically been more prone to earthquakes and forest fires than other areas. Consistent with the rest of the state, the risk of experiencing an earthquake in San Mateo County is an astounding 737 percent greater than the US average. Witnessing or living through a natural disaster can bring on feelings of trauma and grief. Depending on the severity of personal experience and available social support system, therapeutic intervention can play an integral role in recovery.

San Francisco Bay Area Population Density

The United States Census Bureau reports that South San Francisco includes 9.14 square miles of land. Within each square mile, there are approximately 6961 people, compared to the US average of 87 individuals per square mile. Space for businesses and residential living is in high demand, thus results in extreme overcrowding.

Enlarged population density can increase stress levels in the city’s population. With 68 percent of people driving alone in a car during the daily commute, there is amplified traffic congestion and higher travel times. There are a significant number of people vying for the same resources, which surges costs for goods and housing.

Cost of Living in South San Francisco

The 2017 median household income of $92,074 in South San Francisco was nearly twice that of the national median of $57,652. However, supply and demand drives up the overall cost of living to an index of 177, 77 percent higher than the national average. The median house price of $644,500 is 249 percent higher than the national median of $184,700. The housing cost is expensive even compared to the state of California’s median home value of $409,300.

Living in an affluent area does not make one immune from financial difficulties. The high cost of a mortgage, gas prices, household goods and taxes can leave little in the way of discretionary income. The threat of debt is very stressful. It can impact mood and be a source of marital discord. Marriage or individual counseling improves effective communication and develops coping mechanisms to deal with this stressor of modern life.

Mental Health Resources in South San Francisco, California

The majority of people across the nation, 56.4 percent, do not receive needed mental health care. In California, 63 percent of those with mental illness do not access support. Some may feel stigmatized for seeking psychological help, others may not know how to take the first step. In the Greater Bay Area, there are more counseling professionals per 100,000 people than state averages. Areas of expertise range from treatment of depression and anxiety to understanding and practicing mindfulness.

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