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An Overview of Mental Health in Tustin, California

Located in Orange County, Tustin, “the city of trees,” is one of the historic towns of California. A wonderful heritage enriches Tustin’s charm. The city is near several popular destinations such as Disneyland Resort, Angels Stadium of Anaheim and Newport Beach. It is a place where tourism thrives. Orange County is the paradise of Southern California.

Although local entertainment is enticing and endless possibilities for fun and exploration exist, Tustin enjoys the advantage of being minutes away from nearly every major attraction in Orange County through an extensive travel grid that includes John Wayne Airport.

Obstacles in Finding Mental Health Services in Tustin

California has grown exponentially, increasing by millions of people in the last two decades. Meanwhile, acute care psychiatric beds have decreased by almost 30 percent. No area of California is untouched by the lack of mental health resources needed to support a population that continues to expand.

One of the most significant obstacles to mental health care in Tustin, as in other areas of the country, is a lack of understanding by the public about the prevalence and nature of mental health disorders. Myths abound and prevent people from getting the help they need. Perhaps the greatest myth is that mental health problems do not affect most people.

Myths about Mental Health Affect Everyone

The number of people with untreated, hidden mental health issues is staggering. The mentally ill have studied, worked and lived in homes with many people in Tustin, although most do not recognize it.

Mentally ill people in Tustin, unlike Hollywood film portrayals, can look and behave like “normal” people. Chameleon-like, the mentally ill have learned to blend in socially because mental illness does not rob people of intelligence; those who need treatment fear stigmatization.

People in Tustin who need help can become adept at hiding their true mental condition. Depressed people can be funny, entertaining, extroverted and popular in public. When they are alone, their true pain can be manifest in ways that their friends and coworkers would not believe. People who suffer from anxiety and panic may look fine, but eventually, some people can become too fearful to leave their homes.

A few of the falsehoods and myths that people in Tustin may hold about mentally ill people are:

  • Depressed people would be fine if they tried harder.
  • Those who talk about suicide are being dramatic to gain attention.
  • Mental illness happens to weak people who have no character.
  • Once someone is mentally ill, the condition is frankly hopeless.
  • People use mental problems as an excuse because they are too lazy to work.
  • Mentally ill people are violent; people should avoid them.
  • It is not possible to do anything for a mentally ill person.

Help People in Tustin Get Treatment for Mental Illness

Trying harder is not going to enable a person to walk after breaking a leg. Trying harder will not cure someone with diabetes. Trying harder will not cure mental illness.

People who “talk about suicide” sincerely want to die and often succeed. They do not need criticism; they need immediate help from emergency medical care.

Mental illness is not a character fault. A genetic condition can cause it. So can accidents (brain injury from a fall or vehicle crash), cruel treatment during childhood, or witnessing traumatic events. Mental illness can involve altered brain chemistry. Psychiatric medication helps many people by correcting these chemical imbalances, just as insulin helps people with diabetes.

The mentally ill can receive courage to seek treatment from sensitive friends and family members who show them kindness and respect. Mentally ill people in Tustin need to know that, with treatment, they can become well enough to function in life and be happy again.

Mental Health Services Are Available for the People of Tustin

A new Behavioral Health Action will make behavioral health a top priority. The California Hospital Association has collaborated with the National Alliance on Mental Illness. They want to change the delivery system for people who need mental health services. Their plan of attack at the state and county levels will help the mentally ill in Orange County.

Successful treatment of mental illness is possible using E-Counseling’s directory to help Tustin citizens find the right treatment and reach for a renewed joy in living.