Desiree Woehrle
Desiree Woehrle
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Desiree Woehrle

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About Me

I help overwhelmed adults and emerging-adults challenge negative thinking and take better care of themselves so they can build happier lives personally, professionally and creatively.

I get it. You’re just trying to get through the day, tip-toeing around that overwhelming feeling that you’re just not doing “enough”. Your energy is zapped by overthinking, multi-tasking, and a never-ending effort to keep things afloat. You don’t have to keep living like this. I can help you find your way out of survival mode, where we will then re-process significant experiences, challenge limiting beliefs and build effective coping skills for overwhelming feelings, so you can start living a life that feels secure and brings happiness.

I am a Psychotherapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker (she/her/hers) with over a decade of experience in mental health. Due to my own predisposition towards worry, I have spent much of my career studying techniques specifically designed to treat anxiety and trauma disorders. These evidence-based techniques will be customized to tackle your unique challenges. The goal will be holistic wellness achieved through compassion, humor, mindfulness, and gently confronting unhelpful patterns.

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