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Heather Frostman
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Heather Frostman

Heather Frostman


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About Me

Welcome to my practice - where you are seen, heard, and valued all for being uniquely you! The Tattooed Therapist CO, LLC is a caring, professional, mental health practice dedicated to providing compassionate counseling services for individuals, couples, and professionals. If you or someone you know is looking for some guidance dealing with life's challenges, I am here to help.

-You’re going through a difficult time right now - whether it is with yourself, your teen, or in your relationship
-You’ve reached a point where you can no longer carry this stress all yourself
-You tried several different things before this to help you get out of this and nothing has worked
-You find yourself overthinking and over-analyzing your thoughts
-You are not sure how to stop the self-doubt
-You find yourself, or you teen, struggling in school or work
-Your relationships with friends and family are changing
-You are thinking you might be going crazy and that nothing will help you at this point

You can take a deep breathe now because you are in the right place.

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